Golf By laws Batam Course


The Game of golf shall be played in accordance with the rules adopted by the ROYAL and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A), the United States Golf Association (USGA), the Indonesia Golf Association, and the Palm Springs Golf Batam & Country Club

SECTION 2 Etiquette of golf Safety

Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, the player should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones ,pebbles, twigs or the like which may be moved by the stroke or swing.

Consideration for other players

The player who has the honor should be allowed to play before his opponent or fellow competitor tees his ball.
No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing a ball or making a stroke.
No player should play until the players in front are out of range .
All players shall exercise due care on the course and shall repair divots made on fairways, and ball marks on greens, rake bunkers and observe safety first at all times

Priority on the course

In the absence of special rules, two-ball matches should have precedence over and be entitled to pass any three or four-ball match, which should invite them through.
A single player has no standing and should give way to a match of any kind.
Any match playing a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing shorter round.

Slow play

Slow play arises due to players taking too many practice swings on tees or fairways, and taking a long time to line up and putt on the greens.
A flight shall be considered slow if it falls behind the flight in front by one clear hole. The match following shall be allowed to pass, if it is apparent that play is being held up.
Should slow players refuse to allow faster players to pass and if the flight behind lodges a complaint the mater will be referred to the disciplinary committee for deliberation and action.

Members of a slow flight are responsible for speeding play by adopting the following tips :

  1. Be aware of speed of play of both front and back players and pace their play accordingly.
  2. Be early for their-tee-off e.g report to the starter ten minutes before their tee-off time.
  3. Limit practice swing to one swing only.
  4. Play a provisional ball whenever in doubt before looking for the original ball. Rules of golf limit a search to no more than 5 minutes
  5. Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not be easily found. They should not search for more than five minutes they should not continue to play until the players following them have passed and are out of range.
  6. Select your club and get ready while your partner is preparing his shot or front players are clearing the fairway or green.
  7. On the putting green do not take more than one practice putt check your line of putt and breaks while your partner is preparing to putt
  8. When the play of a hole has been completed. Players should immediately leave the putting green and signal to the players behind to approach the green.


All players shall be suitably attired to play on the golf course. The officials of the club shall have the power to stop any player from playing if he /she is not properly attired.
The appropriate attire for men shall be golf shoes, socks, tailored long pants or Bermuda shorts and “T” shirt with collar.
The appropriate attire for ladies shall be golf shoes,socks, tailored shorts, long pants or skirts and blouse or “T” shirt with collar.
Tank tops, singlet, jogging shorts and all other forms of attire are not allowed.


Members must produce their membership cards when making use of club facilities and service. All charges incurred throught the use of the card shall be the responsibility of the member concerned. If a member loses his card, he must immediately inform to the club.
Members who wish to play golf on the club’s course must have valid current golf handicaps or proficiency certificates. The maximum handicap for men is 28 and that for ladies is 40.
Holders of proficiency certificate (PC) may play golf on the course on prescribed days and time only. Members without proficiency certificate for golf must apply and pass a test conducted by the club’s professional or official or nominated member.
Unless approved by the club each principal member can book on flight on weekends or public holiday and may play in one session per day.
Minors between the age of 12 and 18 years may not play on the club’s course unless they have valid and current golf handicap recognized by the club or a proficiency certificate issued by the club and are accompanied by an adult member who has a valid and current golf handicap recognized by the club.

Such minors below 16 years old are not permitted to drive a golf cart on the course.
The principal member is responsible for the conduct and behavior of his family members and any damage incurred by them.
All principal member or nominee who plays golf on the club’s course must undertake insurance against inter alia, public liability, personal accident and other loss and damage on the club’s premises. If family members take up golfing, it is principal member’s and nominee’s responsibility to buy the necessary insurance.

Section 5. GUESTS

A member may sign in seven (7) guests on weekdays and three (3) guests on weekends. The member is responsible for ensuring that his guests have valid handicaps.
Golf handicaps issued by clubs affiliated to national golf associations are recognized by the club.
A member who introduces a guest, must play with the guest. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that his guests pay the respective green fee, golf cart and caddie fee.
The member shall be responsible for the behavior and conduct of his guests at all times. No member or his guests should reprimand any of the staff, however a complaint against any staff may be lodged with the manager.
Guests shall at all times conduct themselves with decorum and observe courtesy and rules of etiquette while on the the golf course. The club reserves the right to refuse play to any guests without having to assign any reason. In addition all fees paid will not be refunded.


Booking and cancellations of flights or slots by members shall be in accordance with the current booking procedures which will be communicated by way of circulars, newsletters, or announcement on the club’s notice boards.
To optimize course utilization by all members, all two balls flights will be paired together particularly on a weekend or public holiday. The club reserves the rights to request a group of three players to let a single player to join the group.
Cancellation notice is 48 hours for weekend and public holiday bookings and 24 hours for weekday booking. This advance notice is required in order that the club has time to contact other members on the waiting list and for them to assemble their playing partners.
Should a member fail to cancel a booking or to show up whit the number of guests as booked without notice, he will be charged a cancellation or no-show fee per person. The fee will be charged to the account of the member who books the flight.
Members and organization may make advanced booking for slots on specific day before general booking is open, on payment of a booking fee.


All players shall pay the appropriate fees as prescribed. These fees may be changed from time to time by the club.
Guests shall pay the prescribed green fees, golf cart and caddie fees before being allowed on the course.
If it rains heavily and the course needs to be closed for the day, the green fees paid by a guest will be refunded provided that he has not played more than three holes. The golf cart or caddie fee will not be refunded if the guest has played a ball from the teeing ground.
Under similar circumstances the golf cart or caddie fee will not be refunded to a member unless he has not played a ball from the tee ground ie he has not commenced play.
If course closure takes place during play, the players are permitted to continue the game when the course is re-opened. Provided they were able to complete their round before the commencement of the next session.


All players must register with the golf registration counter at least 20 minutes before their respective tee-off time and be at their commencing tee box 10 minutes before their respective tee-off times.
All players shall declare to the golfing office at the time of signing in, the number of holes they intend to play and shall check to ensure that the course tickets are issued correctly they shall play only the number of holes as stated on their course tickets. Players who wish to play 18 holes when they have signed only for 9 hole play, shall obtain a new course ticket before they continue play on the next 9 hole.
The member who books a flight shall be responsible for the flight and he is to ensure that all players in the flight turn up on time.
All players must tee-off punctually and play without delay. Players should report to the starter’s hut and once on the course must follow the directions of the course marshals.
During weekends and public holidays play shall be for a whole round of 18 holes.
On weekdays, a member may have the option of playing 9 or 18 holes but 9-hole play shall be from 6.30 a.m.(first flight) to 8.00 a.m. (last flight) and from 3.00 p.m (first flight) to 4.00 p.m.(last flight) only.
Play in the morning on weekends and public holiday shall be restricted to players having a valid and current golf handicap recognized by the club of 28 and below for men and 40 and below for the ladies unless stipulated otherwise by the club.
Holders of proficiency certificates issued by the club may only play the whole day on weekdays and in the afternoons on weekends and public holidays. The club may impose a restriction when the pool of handicappers increases.
Players with golf handicaps of more than 20 shall not be permitted to tee-off from the blue tees except with the prior approval of the club management.
A player whose name does not appear on the time-sheet shall not be allowed on the club’s course during the time specified unless he is taking the place of a player whose name appears an the timesheet or there is a vacant slot on the time-sheet.
For weekends and public holidays, a minimum of three players is required in a flight. If a flight is left with two players, they are required to get another person to join them or team up with another two ball on the waiting list. The club shall have the discretion to fill up any vacant slots on the timesheet.
Players wishing to play 2 rounds of 18 holes on the same day during a weekday, may book for both rounds of 18 holes provided the respective fees are paid and three are availability of tee times.
Control of play shall be in accordance with such regulations as the club may promulgate from time to time. It shall be the duty of every member to check the control of play before starting play on the golf course.
The club may in its absolute discretion without prior notice or assigning any reason suspend or modify the control of play.


The club management may in their absolute discretion and without assigning any reasons close the course or any part of it.
All players shall discontinue play immediately upon the sounding of the closure signal. Play shall resume only after the resumption signal is sounded. The closure signal shall be a continues blast of the siren
No player shall continue play when the course is closed or resume play before the course is reopened for play.
The course will be closed for maintenance on every Monday or on another day which will be announced on the notice board.

Section 10 GOLF CARTS

Players shall pay the required fees for the use of golf carts. The club shall have the authority to adjust, amend, reduce or waive such fees as it deems fit.
Allocation of golf carts to players shall be at the sole discretion of the club officials. Players shall return the golf carts to the attendant at the clubhouse who will check for any damage before acknowledging the return of the cart. Should there be any damage, the member concerned is liable to pay for the damage.
All players shall observe the traffic regulations and directions on the course and park the golf cart within designated parking areas. All players shall use the golf carts in the proper manner intended.
Safety first must be observed at all times and therefore it is essential that all users be fully acquainted with the methods of travelling on a golf cart. Should any player have doubts as to the methods of using a golf cart, he/she should seek advice and clarification from a starter or caddie master.
All players shall be required to take a good care of the golf cart in their charge. Should any player break or damage the club’s golf cart, willfully or otherwise, he shall pay the club the cost of making good the damage.
Where damage has been caused willfully or through negligent behavior, the player concerned may be subject to disciplinary action by the disciplinary committee.
Each golf cart shall carry 2 players and 2 golf bags. Players shall be seated when the cart is moving. Players are prohibited from standing on the side or tailboard, sitting on the mudguard or fenders, placing of feet or golf shoes against windscreen, etc Players are to adhere to golf cart directional signs


All players when practicing at the driving range must be properly attired the appropriate dress shall be the same as that stipulated in section 3 with the exception that at the driving range, sports shoes may be worn.
All member and guest shall pay the required range fee before commencement of play.
Children below the age of 12 years are not permitted at the driving range unless they are under the control and supervision of an adult.
All play shall be from the stance or wood/iron mat provided and only driving range balls provided by the range are permitted for use on the range.
Removal of any range balls is strictly prohibited. It is also a criminal offence and may incur legal action or at the very least disciplinary action may be taken against the offender by the disciplinary committee.
Only the club appointed professional shall be permitted to give lessons at the range or on the course. Bookings and payments for lessons by club professional shall be made through the club. Payment shall not be made to the professional directly.


Safety first must be observed at all times when using the practice bunkers and chipping greens. Practice shots shall be directed away from other users on the pitching green.
All players must smoothen, rake and level footprints and depressions immediately after using the practice bunkers.
All players shall pitch or chip from the surroundings to the pitching green any pitching or chipping on the pitching green is prohibited.


Only putting shall be permitted on the putting green. Pitching or chipping on to the putting green is prohibited.


All members and their guest are required to hold a valid handicap card or proficiency certificate in order to play on the club’s course. A member who chooses to nominate Palm Springs Golf Batam & Country Club as his home club, may obtain both his proficiency certificate and handicap card as follows.


The proficiency certificate test comprises of two assessments:

  1. Ability to use golf clubs at the driving range
  2. Ability to play on the golf course and an understanding of golf rules and etiquette Requirement

After the member has acquired proficiency in the use of golf clubs at a driving range with the help of a professional, he may apply for an assessment. This assessment will be conducted at the club’s driving range. Following which a questionnaire on golf rules and etiquette wiil be given to assess an understanding of rules of golf as established by the royal and ancient golf club of st Andrews (R&A) and the united states golf association (USGA).

The next assessment involves playing three holes where the member will be observed on:

  • His ability to use his clubs on the course
  • Inclination to repair divots on fairways and rake bunkers
  • Speed of play,
  • Practical application of etiquette and golf rules

On passing the member will be issued a proficiency certificate which entitles him to get on the course on:

  • Weekdays - full day
  • Weekends - afternoon only
  • Public holiday - afternoon only

To satisfy the requirements for a handicap test, member must return at least 5 score cards with a gross score of not more than 104 (full 18 holes or a pair of 9-holes combined). All score cards must be signed by the member and a marker. The best ten scores out of twenty will be used to compute the handicap. Therefore pc holders must submit score cards after each round to the front office.


A golf handicap is a number that compares the player’s score to par for any golf course. It is based on the best ten of his last twenty scores. The procedures adopted complies with the USGA Handicap system. Members who designate the club as their home club, will have their handicaps listed in a handicap register monthly.
To qualify for a handicap test, a member must return at least 5 scorecards with a gross score of not more than 104 (full 18 holes or a pair of 9-holes combined). All score cards must be signed by the member and a marker.
Eligible members may apply for a test at the front office on a first-come-first-served-basis.the test involves playing nine holes on the course under the observation of a club official or professional.

The test involves playing a maximum of 9 holes. Assessment will be based on:

  • Speed of play
  • Practical application of etiquette and golf rules
  • Inclination to repair divots on fairways and ball marks on the putting green, to rake bunkers after use.
  • Consideration for other users on the course.
  • Gross score for holes played

A member must sign up for the test in person and pay the caddie and test fee. Successful candidates maybe awarded handicaps of 24 or lower for men or 36 or lower for ladies.
Unsuccessful candidates may re-sit for the test after 1 month.


A member shall return a score card every time he plays a round of 18 holes at any golf course and the following information shall be provided on the score card :

  • Member’s name and membership number
  • Member’s official golf handicap
  • Which tee box ?
  • Date on which round is played
  • The card must be attested.

Every score card returned must be signed by the member concerned and the person who marks the score card.
Failure to submit the score card will result in a one (1) stroke reduction from his handicap.
The golf handicap of a member who declares the club as his home club will be recorded in the handicap register maintained by the club which is updated monthly. A member’s golf handicap shall be printed provided he submits at least five (5) 18 hole score cards.
The club may in its discretion revise (upwards or downwards) or suspend the handicap of any member at any time.
The golf handicap of any member which has been adjusted by the club as a result of his performance in any golf competition, will remain so adjusted for a period of three months or until the computer handicap is identical or lower, upon which the member’s golf handicap will revert to the computer handicap.


Members who has memberships with other clubs, may nominate only one club as his home club and must inform all his other clubs, which is his home club.
The home club is responsible for maintaining and issuing confirmation of his handicap


Members with handicaps issued by other clubs, may request the present home club to transfer his handicap history (the latest 20 differentials) to his new chosen home club.


Golf handicaps issued by foreign golf clubs will be recognized by the club if the issuing club is affiliated to the national golf association of that country. A member using a golf handicap issued by a foreign golf club must obtain proof that, that club possesses such affiliation.
The club requires members/guests with golf handicaps issued by foreign golf clubs not affiliated to their national golf association to be tested before they are allowed to play on the club’s golf course. They are required to attend a range test only to confirm their ability to use their golf clubs and a test fee is applicable.
A range test card will be issued. If the guest comes to play again, he needs to produce this range test card to be exempted from future tests. If a member/guest fails the range test, he/she will not be allowed on the course.
Members with approved foreign golf handicap if found not proficient in golf will be stopped from further playing on the course by the golf manager or course marshals and their opinion/decision shall be final.



Reduction of golf handicap is applicable in all competitions tournaments, i.e. club, inter-club, private and open competitions
Reduction of handicap is not applicable in match-play and multi-ball events and 4-ball better ball competitions.
The reduction shall take immediate effect if the competition is played on weekdays but will take effect on the following MONDAY if competition is held during the weekends.
The club has the authority to revise the golf handicaps of players who are not club members in competitions played at the club even though their golf handicaps are not maintained at the club. It is the player’s responsibility to inform his home club the reductions in golf handicap.

1. Handicap Reduction (men) In Stroke play the following apply
No of stroke under Standard Scratch Score (SSS) No of stroke Reduction
9 or more

Reduction based on stable ford points is as follow

SSS of the coursev Stable ford Points Obtained
39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 >48
1 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5
- 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5
- - 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5
- - - 1 2 3 3 4 4 5
- - - - 1 2 3 3 4 4
2. HANDICAP increase

(a). The maximum increase in the number of strokes permitted within a period of 12 monts shall be:

  • Handicaps 5 & below - maximum - one stroke
  • Handicaps 6 to 12 - maximum - two stroke
  • Handicaps 13 to 24 - maximum - three strokes
  • Handicaps 25 to 36 - maximum - four strokes

(b). The control of upward movement of players handicap would be applicable for a period of 12 months from the relevant date.

(c). Normal movement of handicap shall be one stroke every three months.

(d) The maximum allowance shall be applied to the player’s lowest handicap within the period of 12 month e.g an 18 handicapper was reduced to 16, the maximum handicap he can attain during a period of 12 months shall be 16 + 4 and not 18 + 4. The maximum increase in handicap strokes permitted for men within a period of 12 calendar months shall be as follows :

  • Handicaps 5 and below : max 2 strokes
  • Handicaps 6 to 12 : max 3 strokes
  • Handicaps 13 to 24 : max 4 strokes

This shall apply only to players who have already submitted the minimum of 20 scorecards.

1. Handicap Reduction (ladies)
In stroke play the following apply

Return Score Result Stroke Play Handicap range
5& below 6 to 12 13 to 24 25 to 36
Return showing 3 Stroke better than the SSS of the course 1 1 1 1
Return showing 4 Stroke better than the SSS of the course 1 2 2 2
Return showing 5 Stroke better than the SSS of the course 1 2 3 3
Return showing 6 Stroke better than the SSS of the course Max

Reduction based on stable ford points is as follows

SSS Of the course Stableford Point Obtained
39 40 41 42 43 44 45
1 2 3 4 4 4 4 max
- 1 2 3 4 4 4 max
- - 1 2 3 4 4 max
- - - 1 2 3 4 max

The maximum increase in handicap strokes permitted for ladies within a period of 12 calendar months shall be as follows

Handicaps 5 and below Max 1 stroke
Handicaps 6 to 12 max 2 strokes
Handicaps 13 to 24 max 3 strokes
Handicaps 25 to 36 max 4 strokes
This shall apply only to players who have already submitted the minimum of 20 scorecards


Players shall not share clubs during a round of golf. Any players who does not have the proper clubs will not be permitted to tee-off.
Players shall not use range balls on the course
No animal or pet shall be allowed on to the golf course, practice chip and putting green, driving range and other practice areas.
The use of radios, tape recorders, video cameras and other similar equipment on the golf course, in golf cart, practice and putting green, driving range and any other practice areas is prohibited except with the approval of the golf manager
Littering is strictly prohibited.
Spikes shoes should not be worn where such restriction is in place.
Players shall not abuse any club’s staff. Any complaints about any of the club’s staff be directed to the general or golf manager .
Non-players and children are not allowed on the golf course for their own safety.
Players are not permitted to drive their golf carts out of the golf course.


The manager shall have full power and control over all areas of the club including without limitation the golf course, practice tees and other practice areas and may open, close or reserve the same, whether for particular classes of play, for particular periods or otherwise as the manager deems fit.

The manager may delegate any or all of its powers relating to the use of the golf course, practice tees or other practice areas to the tournament management or any nominated member or committee.
The manager may appoint a disciplinary committee to act on its behalf. This committee may, after due inquiry, suspend any member from playing golf for any period of time if it is of the opinion that the conduct of the member warrants action to be taken.
Should the manager appoints a Green Committee, it shall not substantially alter the salient features or characters of a hole on the golf course without first obtaining the approval of the Manager and then displaying full particulars of any approved alteration on the club notice board for a reasonable period of time.
The club Captain or in his absence the vice Captain or golf manager shall have the absolute discretion to vary the control of play and the starting times.


Palm Springs Golf Batam & Country Club shall not in any manner whatsoever be liable or responsible for any loss or damage to the property, any death or any injury to the person sustained or suffered (howsoever arising) by any member, spouse or children of the member, guests or invitees and/or any other person at the club.
Every person, whether a member, member’s spouse or child, guest ,invitee or otherwise , whilst at the club is there absolutely AT HIS OWN RISK and shall be deemed to take the club with everything thereon as he finds it without notice of the nature, condition or state thereof and he SHALL NOT make any claim against the proprietor or the management of the club for any loss, damage, injury or death is in any way whatsoever due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default and/or omission on the part of the proprietor and/or any of their assigns, lessees, tenants, servants, agents or workmen.
In the event of any difficulty or dispute arising as to the meaning of or the application of any byelaw of the Club, the interpretation and application as determined by the Manager shall be final.